Seasons, Episodes, and Themes

Our campaign will be comprised of three main story arcs, which we will call “seasons”. Each arc is made of (notionally) five sessions, dubbed “episodes”. This is flexible, however, as player progress through an episode might take longer than a single session (I’m aiming for one session each, but…)

Season One: The Guardians

Theme Music: Main Title from “Agents of SHIELD
The new heroes settle into their role as the not-so-public protectors of New York. They make allies and enemies, and begin to see the larger forces at work.

Episode One: Aftermath
Theme Music: BL1ND JUST1C3 : 1NV3ST1G4T1ON !!
The Guardians deal with the aftermath of the Battle of New York, assisting SHIELD with the recovery of alien technology and the advent of new Gifted individuals. But, other forces move within the city, some friendly, some not, and some just plain odd…

Episode Two: Mean Streets
Theme Music: Main Title from “Daredevil”
Someone is supplying street gangs with alien technology. Havoc reins in the streets as a gang war erupts between the Kingpin and newcomers to Hell’s Kitchen, overwhelming a certain vigilante. Can the Guardians come to the assistance of Daredevil in time?

Episode Three: Code Green
Theme Music: The Avengers
SHIELD goes on the offensive against the illicit suppliers of alien technology in the city, and both the Guardians and the Avengers are called into help. However, not all goes as planned…

Episode Four: Snake Eyes
Theme Music: Theme from Mission: Impossible
The alien-tech weapons are tracked back to their source, and an old enemy of SHIELD rears its ugly head… or was that “heads”?

Episode Five: Every SHIELD Shattered
Theme Music: Main Title from “Agents of SHIELD
Axe-time, sword-time
Every shield shattered.
Wind-time, wolf-time
Then the world is wrecked.

Season Two: Children of the Atom

Theme Music: First Class
The Guardians team up with the X-Men to defend mutant-kind and the world from the dire threat of Mastermold.

Episode One: School’s In Session
Theme Music: First Class
Professor Xavier asks the Guardians to assist with recruiting newly manifested mutants, but what will they do when they find out Xavier’s Academy isn’t the only organization that’s recruiting?

Episode Two: Mutant Massacre
Theme Music: “It’s Over” – Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Katy suffers a psionic seizure that wipes a good bit of her memory and sends her fleeing back to New York. The Guardians are asked to bring her home, but can they talk the Morlocks—who have discovered her, into letting Katy go? And what will they do when the Morlocks themselves come under attack by the mysterious Marauders?

Episode Three: The Sinister Hand
Theme Music: Bad Man
Who was behind the kidnapping attempt on Cypher and his sister? Mystique is a professional and doesn’t come cheap. When they failed, another group was sent to kill her. The Guardians discover who is moving the pieces on the board, but are left wondering at the nature of his game.

Episode Four: Sentinel Rising
Theme Music: Terminator 2 Theme
Mr. Sinister’s plan unfolds, enveloping the entire mutant community. But the Sentinels have a frightening new weapon at their disposal…

Episode Five: Nightmares of Present Time
Theme Music: Beetlejuice
The Guardians travel through time to—of all things—rescue Apocalypse from Mastermold.

Season Three: Stars Malign

Theme Music: Protectors of the Earth
With the Avengers out of the picture, its up to the Guardians to confront the menace of the Zodiac.

Episode One: Sympathy for the Devil
Theme Music: Main Title from Daredevil
A series bizarre murders strikes Hell’s kitchen, prompting the Guardians to come to Daredevil’s aid.. However, when Dr. Strange intervenes, it quickly becomes apparent that larger events are afoot.

Episode Two: Daisy
Theme Music: Indestructible
New York City is under attack and the Avengers are missing! Can the new Avengers stop the rampaging creatures before the city is destroyed? And what, oh what is the Wabbit Brigade up to?

Episode Three:
Theme Music:

Episode Four:
Theme Music:

Episode Five:
Theme Music:

Seasons, Episodes, and Themes

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