House Rules


Allies are heroic characters that can be called upon to augment your group. To call an ally, you must spend a hero point. You then make an Ally Roll (d20 + your PL). If you meet the DC, the ally then becomes an NPC addition for that or the next scene. Some PCs will have an allotment of bonus points they can add to the roll (for specific allies) to help it succeed. These points, once spent, are gone. Please note that you still need an in-character rationale and means of calling the ally, and these as well as environmental variables will affect the DC of the Ally Roll.

Types of Damage

It’s normally quite hard to kill anyone in a superhero game. RAW, you have to knock someone to incapacitated, and THEN hit them again with the intent to kill them. We’ll be modifying those rules slightly based on the type of damage inflicted and the type of target.

Non-lethal – Non-lethal damage is inflicted by weapons like tasers, certain types of knock-out gas, and the like. While in the real world, these are more properly called “less than lethal”, and can kill in some circumstances, in this game, these can never be used to kill, not even by accident. Striking an incapacitated target with these has no appreciable effect.

Normal – Normal damage attacks encompass all powers—unless specifically stated otherwise or if not permitted by special effect (i.e. claws, etc). It also includes things like fists. Normal damage will only kill incapacitated targets if the attacker specifically intends to kill the target.

Lethal – Lethal damage kills, regardless of the attacker’s intent. This means that lethal damage will kill an incapacitated target. Lethal damage will also immediately kill minions vice rendering them incapacitated. Most modern and archaic weapons are lethal.

House Rules

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