Guardians: Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Sinister Hand S2E3

Taurus stared down at the display, the tapping fingers of his cybernetic hand the only sound in the room. The others had left him alone to contemplate the data… and to avoid his rage. HE didn’t need to actually look at the display; his direct link to the computer systems gave him a more thorough and intimate connection to the data than anything achievable through mere vision. It was simply a place to rest his eyes while he thought.

The Plan had gone askew… somehow. Some influence, some unforeseen force had altered the flow of events, rendering his psychohistorical projections increasingly wrong. But he had accounted for everything, hadn’t he? The totality of vision available to the psychohistory algorithms was flawless.

Unless… unless time travel actually was possible.

But no, that was ridiculous.

Some indeterminate time previously… or subsequently… or both and neither at the same time…

“OK Wabbot, activate the tachyon matrix, polarize the quantum shielding and yank on the starter cable!”


“Huh… that’s not quite what I expected. Interesting.”



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