Guardians: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Nightmares of Present Time S2E5

Loki gave the closed door a hard stare. Taurus had dismissed the rest of the Zodiac once the tachyon field had dispersed and the timelines had synchronized. In this time, Apocalypse still slept, Mr. Sinister had returned to their company, and Mastermold had been checked. The Zodiac’s plans could proceed.

The Asgardian listening device he had left in the conference room delivered Taurus’s speech to Loki’s ears. The lord of mischief frowned.

All was not as it had seemed, and Mr. Sinister wasn’t the only one pulling a con within the Twelve. Apparently, so was Taurus.

And so, of course, was Loki…

But for now, forewarned was forearmed. He would watch, and wait for the opportune moment.



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