Guardians: Marvel Cinematic Universe

School’s In Session S2E1

“So, you have failed.”

“For the moment,” answered Mystique. “Xavier has her now. But I can still get her for you, I just need more time.”

“Time.” The man on the other end of the comm link sighed. "Yes, I have no doubt you could succeed given time—a more judicious infiltration would work. But I do not wish to spend that time.

“Keep the money,” he forestalled her complaint. “Keep it, and keep your silence in this matter. Your role has ended.”

He broke the link. Finesse had failed; it was now time for a different approach. For a moment his eyes flicked over to the sarcophagus. The sleeper would awaken.


Oh yes. Soon.

He activated the comm link again.

“I have decided to accept your offer…”



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