Experience Points and Character Development

Regular XP

Characters start at PL 10 with 150 character points.

Every episode awards 4 xp.

The completion of season 1 and 2 awards 4 xp in addition to the episode award

At the completion of season 1 and 2, the PL rises to 11 and 12 respectively.

So, Season 1 is worth 24 xp and an advance to PL 11, and Season 2 is worth 24 xp and an advance to PL 12.

Bonus XP

Every character entry on the portal that has both a background and a picture gains 4 bonus xp for that character. Once EVERY character has a background and a picture, the ENTIRE group gains 4 bonus xp (i.e. each player character gains 4 xp).

Every character that has a player-drawn picture earns 2 bonus xp for the entire group.

There is no time limit on these bonus xp. You get them as you earn them, whether it’s all before the first session, or the night before the last session.

I do not require a character’s player to post either pictures or background; anyone can do the work as this is a team effort. Please note that some players will require assistance, and others are much better at some tasks than others. You may want to plan accordingly.

Lastly, any ally I post to the board will count towards all aspects of bonus xp (although if you’ve already earned the group award for picture and background, this neither resets it nor allows it to be earned again).

Experience Points and Character Development

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