Guardians: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Snake Eyes S1E4

“My lord.”

The aide was hesitant to interrupt the Baron’s reverie. Around them, the operations center was a hive of frenetic activity as Hydra’s forces engaged SHIELD across the world. The call to rise up had come unexpectedly early—the bombardment weapons had not yet been employed, and now, thanks to rogue SHIELD elements, they were lost.


“My lord, most of our operations are succeeding with the notable exceptions of the Citadel and the SHIELD academy. We…”

“Wait.” The Baron cut him off. “I know about the Citadel, that outcome was part of the plan. What happened at the Academy?”

“Interference, my lord, by the so-called ‘Fantastic Four’. They arrived via a hypersonic transport and routed our forces.”

“I see. And the Avengers?”

“Other than the few present at the Triskellion, my lord, they have not made an appearance. There was…” He checked his notes. “…a SHIELD security center in New York. We subverted it as part of preparations for today, but they haven’t reported in.”

“Hmm. Lady Viper was there, was she not? One of our few Gifted. If she’s gone silent, that does not bode well. What of Mount Washington?”

“The assault made significant progress before stalling, my lord.”

“Stalling? Why?”

“It appears a third party has intervened for reasons unknown. We don’t know who, and we are attempting to open communications—a straight assault failed with the loss of all agents in that wave. The party is apparently a Gifted of significant strength.”

“These… Gifted. They are dangerous. Untrustworthy. We must have the systems that SHIELD stole from Trask, and then we will be able to put these Gifted in their rightful place. Detach what you need from the strike on Chicago. Use the entire force if you must, but bring me what is in Mount Washington!”



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