Guardians: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Code Green S1E3

“Your mission failed.”

The imposing presence of Taurus was not one lightly faced when one had reason to believed he was displeased, and Leo was under no illusions about his team’s performance.

“The Avengers were to be removed from the equation for our plans to go forward. This will now be… difficult.”

Leo held himself still, unwilling to show the fear or anger that raced through him. Taurus was not a person who tolerated fear or undisciplined emotion in his subordinates. To show either would be yet another failure. The rest of the Council seemed disinclined to intervene on his behalf… except maybe…

“Before you continue,” interjected Capricorn, "consider: Stark and Banner are effectively neutralized for the near future. They will be too consumed with “solving” the problem of the Hulk going rogue again to interfere. Thor is still absent following the events in London. We have a window in which we only need to counter Rodgers, Barton, and Romanova. Of those, we can easily sidetrack Barton. With minor modification, we can launch Phase One.

“After all, we don’t need Hydra to succeed. We merely need SHIELD to fall.”



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